"JOY Yoga’s mission, although serving a critical role in enhancing the lives of our veterans and their families, also transcends through many non-military fields and aspects of life. Personally, as a father, a husband, and a family man with a demanding schedule, I continually utilize JOY Yoga International's techniques as a critical part of my daily practice.  With the healthy balance I maintain, partly through JOY Yoga's teachings, I remain in the eye of the hurricane when the everyday chaos and quickness of life’s winds blow. At the heart of that centering, as it relates to JOY Yoga, certain individuals are imbued with a spirit that flows through them and fosters the ability to reach deeply within others to be a channel and a teacher of peaceful practice. Tricia Mooney clearly is one such person and I am eternally grateful for the additional tools she has helped me develop to continue to strengthen and enjoy the full beauty of my life.”   ~ Kevin M. Esq., Counsel/Chair IT Practice Group, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio.

"Tricia has been an inspiration to me on many different levels.  Through yoga she has instructed me in ways that guide me to places I have not been before - spiritually, mentally and physically.  She has made it easy to understand conceptually that all 3 instructions, or lifestyles, need to work together.  I have been a personal witness as to yoga, meditation and healthy eating habits that have changed my life, and continue to do so with her knowledge and guidance.  Every time I talk to her she gives me greater insight and she does this with such vigor and enthusiasm that it guides me to a better place in my life every time!"  Burt, U.S. Navy Gulf War Veteran

Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application and teaching practices of yoga.

"Tricia is approachable in spite of her incredible talent.  She cares deeply for her students, which leads them to deeper accountability in healthy living choices.  Her enthusiasm and abilities inspire even the most reluctant participant to go the extra mile." Sherri, cancer survivor, mother of 7, wife of an Air Force Officer (retired)

"Practicing yoga and meditation with JOY Yoga International has given me the opportunity to de-stress from the busyness of my life, which has helped me relax and sleep! Before learning these techniques, I was struggling.  Now I have the tools to help me manage stress and live a more peaceful life."  Steven, full-time college student and AF ROTC Cadet

"I would strongly and without reservation endorse any employment opportunity for Tricia involving rehabilitation programs.  I consider her to be one of the most professional and competent individuals with whom I have had the pleasure to work.  Tricia excels in motivating those around her to exceed their own expectations of their physical and emotional capabilities.  Due to her care, diligence, and attention to details, the programs she established were lauded as the benchmark for all adaptive sports programs within the Warrior Transition Battalion - Europe."  Joel Neuenschwander (U.S. Army retired), former Company Commander for A Company, WTB - Europe

Small group, and private sessions available. for more information email Tricia at:



Tricia Mooney

Holy Yoga 225 hours

​Core Power/Hot and Fusion-200 hours

​Life Power Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative- 200 hours

​Integrative Restoration Institute- iRest Level II

​Warriors at Ease- Yoga and Meditation for the Military

​Inner Peace Yoga Therapy- current student of IAYT approved school

International Association of Yoga Therapists-member

​Yoga Alliance RYT 500

"Tricia excels with all aspects of her technical teaching abilities, but also shares her tremendous sense of presence and compassion, two essential qualities for a truly transformational teacher.  Her passion for alleviating human suffering is apparent in her determination.  Her deep spirituality is present in her teachings, inspiring others with every interaction." Molly Birkholm, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board - Warriors at Ease; Certified iRest Yoga Nidra Trainer and Director of Human Trafficking Relief - Integrative Restoration Institute

Offering Yoga Therapy for Holistic Healthcare