Sara Jean Johnson, (substitute instructor)  Yoga to both teach and practice is a deeply Spiritual space.  I find I am able to listen and actually hear my inner world on my Mat.  The essence of breath and movement create the atmosphere for healing and wholeness every time I enter - if I let it.  My desire is to offer that freedom and space to each student.  My hope is that each class would leave you stronger, more aligned and balanced in mind, body and spirit, and more able to go into your day connected to your Dharma, or life's purpose.   Yoga is my joy to teach and I would love to see you at Haven!

​Holy Yoga Master Certified, Karuna Yoga 200 hour, Yin and Ayurveda Certified

Our Teachers:

​​​​Tina Cardwell - (substitute instructor) Tina brings a tender attention to caring for the body, and a passion for discovering the freedom that is available when mind, body and spirit move as one.  Drawing upon her work as a corporate health and wellness coach, she is dedicated to honoring and nurturing each student's place in their wellness journey and infuses each class with life, laughter, and abundant grace.  

Yoga Alliance and Holy Yoga Certified, and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Certified.

​​Sarah Hogan - The first time I tried yoga, I was as a young adult that had suddenly lost a family member. In the months that followed, I noticed that yoga was the only thing that helped me to calm down, sit with and process my emotions. My yoga practice has walked me through many seasons of challenge and beauty. I believe that it is a very effective means to work through trauma and to begin to come back to yourself. It is a deeply personal experience that I am thrilled to share with you, wherever you are in your story.  

YA E-RYT 200, Trauma certified YF 100Warrior, Core Vinyasa Yoga Certified.

​​​Amy  Day - I came to yoga to find relief from back pain, which I did.  I have stayed with yoga because when I practice I come home to my body, which was a stranger to me.  I have made yoga my life's work because I find the interaction between breath, movement and meditation powerfully integrating and transformative for my body, soul and spirit.  It is an honor and a joy to practice and journey, together!  

Holy Yoga Master Certified, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Certified, Intensive Trauma Treatment Certified

​​Cherie Snyder ​- I came to yoga in 2002 out of shy curiosity and an ache to know what it might be like to feel at home in my own skin. And I found a  practice that continues to offer present-tense homecoming as well as endless new discovery.   I am curious about the possibility of body work intersecting with story work and meaningful connection with others as a path of increasing wholeness and vitality. I cherish this safe and sacred place called Haven as a student and perennial beginner, and I am forever grateful for this beautiful and inspiring community.

​Holy Yoga Master Certified, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Certified.  YogaFit Levels 1 & 2

Haven Yoga Studio Trauma Sensitive Yoga in Colorado Springs

​​Lisa Nelson,(substitute instructor) I first came to yoga with a desire to find quiet space in my life, in addition to finding that, I discovered the beauty of stillness, movement and the life giving breath that flows through me.  Through the story sensitive practice at Have, I have learned that out of ashes there is beauty, and I have come to feel at peace in my body.  My hope is that together we will all find beauty in our stories as we journey toward wholeness.

​Holy Yoga Master Certified, YA-RYT 200