*Friends, Haven is unable to extend packages based on every day events (sickness, travel, weather, changes in schedules etc.  We are able to extend, occasionally, due to extenuating circumstances, for example travel due to unexpected death in the family).  Our desire is to balance grace with good business practices, thank you for your cooperation.   Sticking to package expiration dates allows Haven to operate at a sustainable level.  

Formative Reads:

​​Thomas Ryan,  Prayer of Heart and Body
Emerson & Hopper,  Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga
Emily P. Freeman,  A Million Little Ways
Bessel Van Der Kolk,  The Body Keeps the Score
Barbara Brown Taylor,  An Altar In the World
Peter Levine,  In an Unspoken Voice
Henri Nouwen,  Here and Now
Glennon Doyle Melton, ​ Love Warrior

Bryan Bishop,  Boundless



Welcome Rest

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