Yoga Nourish 
A Workshop Series  

Saturday, December 15th, 9:00-10:30 am, $30

(Mark your calendar, February 2nd, 9-10:30 am)
with Sara Jean Johnson

We are entering a season that even with the deep joy many experience can be very depleting. Many others struggle to find the joy that seems to come so easily for others. What can we do to balance? Come enter a space of Deep Self Care. 
This class will teach you how to balance Winter energy - slow down, ground, nourish, create routine. You will learn several techniques and yoga poses to do this. We will take time to journal with prompting questions. And then enter into yoga Nidra - yogic sleep. A deep way to scan and then release your entire body. This class is for those who seek calm, quieting and balancing. Ultimate self care class.

All levels welcome. 
A glance into our theme- When balancing vata, it’s important to slow down, ground, and create a sense of routine and stability. Making time for rest, sweetness, deep nourishment, and meaning will be potent medicine in and of itself. Pace yourself as you move through your day, and experiment with developing a radical devotion to self-care. 

 Contemplative Practice in Depression  

Saturday, January 26th, 9-12, $40

with Sarah Hogan

Join us for a morning of compassion and agency in the places where we experience deep soul shifts.  A focused practice will be included and you will walk away with a go-to list of tools that resonate with you.​​ The soul is like a reclusive forest animal, it does not always show itself, but each encounter is holy, unique and carries risk. Come story with us and, let us try for a glimpse of soul together.

receive a discounted rate, $35, when you register by 12/31.

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