Haven ​Yoga Studio

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To Affirm the Integrating Ministry of Christ, Through the Practice of Yoga

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Our Focus:

-classes that are accessible for all

-a safe place for restorative   


-yoga for trauma integration

-a comfortable setting

-dignity for each client

-yoga therapy

-relational community

​-Spirit led classes

"We teach Trust Yoga at Haven, and it might be very different from other yoga classes you have experienced.  It is not competitive yoga, or an exercise class, and though you will find physical work here, we hope you will discover so much more.  Trust Yoga invites you to soften slowly and deeply.  We ask you to trust the guidance of your teacher, to listen to and trust your body, to trust the safety of the space and be open to vulnerability.  We invite you to trust the way yoga at Haven resonates specifically for you, and then we invite you to respond to your faith.  As a group, we sink deep together and allow the space, the physical movement, and our heart's posture to lead us into profound, personal and corporate worship.  We know that worship and telling our stories nurtures peace and calms anxiety in the way our brain's respond. In Spirit's presence we gather and allow the way we were made to minister to our deep need.

We hope you feel the inclusion of our space, and the protection and mooring that comes from time spent at Haven.  Come shelter with us, all are invited."                                                  


Trust Yoga, on how we are different...