Haven ​Yoga Studio

Release Flow

 January 18th and 30th, 7 pm

This cooling practice welcomes deep relaxation to the body, to help you unwind and close your day.  Long held poses work slowly past muscle to open and release long held tightness and tension, by lengthening and softening connective tissue which creates flexibility.

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"May we be the ones who hold the doors, who hold faces, who hold the space for the pain and the brilliance, who hold the light and the salt, the complexity and the simplicity, the silence and the storm, the ones who hold our opinions loosely and love ferociously."​ 
​ -Sarah Bessey


- I could not love Haven more. First of all, you feel you are up above the world in an inviting fairy tale-like tree house.  When you need quiet, direction, hope, rest, exertion, challenge, peace, gratitude or just a break from your life, this is the place to come. Each instructor offers a different fragrance of Goodness, and you come away feeling nourished, reoriented, and directed back to joy.  Excellent, indeed!!!   -Julie

-Haven Yoga Studio is absolutely a physical and spiritual manifestation of the meaning of haven (a place of safety and refuge).  It's a slice of  Heaven on earth.  From the moment I walk through the door I feel an exhale and release of all that I hold too tightly.  The quaint and thoughtful atmosphere is so delightful, so safe, so adorable and lovely, such a perfect space for practicing yoga.  I find the Restore class to be rejuvenating and restorative for my mind, body and heart.  The Instructors at Haven are not only excellent and inspiring in the instruction and practice of  yoga, but the grace and love and thoughtful intention that flows from them sets them apart.  What a special place and special experience!  -Sarah

​- I was brand new to yoga the first time I visited the Colorado Springs Haven Studio.  I loved the look and feel of the room and was immediately​ greeted with warm smiles from the teacher and the other students.  I came very broken and needy and was accepted with open arms by every staff member.  I have spent several months now with my new Haven family and these people have ministered to my heart on so many occasions.  Haven is truly a "haven" for those in grief.  The teachers have all been very sensitive to my season of life and my personal process.  Haven is a one-of-a-kind place.  -Bonnie

-The ladies at this studio are GIFTED. What an amazing sanctuary to go and feel loved, to feel good about my body, and to be led in spirit. You can count on, if you wish, getting the perfect adjustments, little massages on your temples, toes, etc., and maybe even prayed over. It's a unique studio, but not so much that you feel like you're not getting in a good workout. You must visit Haven Yoga - it's truly a gem in Colorado Springs. -Rene

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Weekly Offerings:

Restore Flow- Trauma Sensitive

Tuesday & Friday 9 am

​Slow, mindful movement, and restorative stretching.  Class is guided with an emphasis on: breath, presence, engaging gentleness and kindness towards oneself and one's choices each moment, acting on behalf of one's needs, and cultivating rhythm.  Additionally, education on the effects of trauma on the body and how we can recover what was lost in the wake of our trauma.  

Rise Flow

​Monday Noon,

Thursday 9 am

​Movement with breath, some longer held poses using our breath to go deeper, and gentle stretching.  A place to renew - leave feeling energized and yet quieted from the gift of challenging work at your level, and meaningful meditation.

Level 2 Rise Flow

​January 17th, 9 am
Rise Flow with more advanced poses offered, modifications are always an option.  Find more challenge, heat and rest

Root Flow

Saturday 9 am

​Primarily longer held poses, many breaths per pose, gentle stretching, and stillness to assist in spacious reflection and contemplative meditation.  A place to recharge - leave feeling tended to, and yet revitalized from the gift of engagement.

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