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Trauma Sensitive Yoga, at Haven Yoga Studio in Colorado Springs

Class Descriptions:

Release Trauma Sensitive Flow​  

​​Approach the restful part of your weekend with this cooling practice, which welcomes deep relaxation to the body to help you unwind and close your week. Long held restorative poses work slowly past muscle to open and release tightness and tension.  Safely lengthening and softening connective tissues, using breath and time to create flexibility. The option of gentle touch will be offered to deepen your restorative time, and to expand places that tightened in the pace of the week.  Use this time as the beginning to a date night, or as a way to still yourself and slow in preparation for rest.

​​Haven Yoga Studio Trauma Sensitive Yoga in Colorado Springs 

Restore Flow- Trauma Sensitive Flow and Education​​

Our Restore class combines a consideration of the contemporary insight into the physiological impact of trauma, the power of body-based modalities to support recovery, and the wisdom of ancient contemplative practices to illumine the way. Incorporating slow, mindful movement and restorative stretching, this class invites you to attend to your breath; inhabit the present moment; explore the practice of gentleness and kindness toward yourself; take effective action on behalf of your needs; and cultivate generative rhythm as you move forward in your story. 

A Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Studio in Colorado Springs, curious about the intersection of body, story, community and sacred practices.  

Rise Trauma Sensitive Flow​  

Our Rise Flow explores the sacred practice of yoga through physical postures as well as thematic meditation and collective silence. This energetic class seeks to connect flowing movement and strengthening postures with the fidelity of mindful breathing and meditation to deepen presence and explore the whole-person benefits of yoga in mind, body and spirit. Leave feeling both energized and quieted from the gift of challenging, generative work at your level.

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