Haven ​Yoga Studio

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Studio In Colorado Springs

"May we be the ones who hold the doors, who hold faces, who hold the space for the pain and the brilliance, who hold the light and the salt, the complexity and the simplicity, the silence and the storm, the ones who hold our opinions loosely and love ferociously."​ 

​ -Sarah Bessey

Haven Yoga Studio in Colorado Springs

Gentle Flow

​A restorative flow, a great beginner class and introduction to yoga.  Pose break down, breath instruction and learning to listen to our body are all parts of the gentle flow experience.

Energy Flow

​This class is more active than our other offerings.  It is a bit faster paced and higher intensity, but will still provide modifications for everyone to feel successful.

Slow Flow

​A slow, intentional class.  This class is designed to help you develop more strength, balance and flexibility, providing options for every level of student.