Haven ​Yoga Studio

Release Flow

​Wednesday 7 pm

This cooling practice welcomes deep relaxation to the body, to help you unwind and close your day.  Long held poses work slowly past muscle to open and release long held tightness and tension, by lengthening and softening connective tissue which creates flexibility.

Trust Yoga In Colorado Springs

"May we be the ones who hold the doors, who hold faces, who hold the space for the pain and the brilliance, who hold the light and the salt, the complexity and the simplicity, the silence and the storm, the ones who hold our opinions loosely and love ferociously."​ 
​ -Sarah Bessey

Haven Yoga Studio in Colorado Springs

Summer Offerings:

Restore Flow

​Friday 8:30 am

​Slow, mindful movement, and restorative stretching.  Class is guided with an emphasis on: breath, presence, engaging gentleness and kindness towards oneself and one's choices each moment, acting on behalf of one's needs, and cultivating rhythm.  Additionally, education on the effects of trauma on the body and how we can partner with God to recover what was lost in the wake of our trauma.  

Rise Flow

​Monday 7 am

​Movement with breath, some longer held poses using our breath to go deeper, and gentle stretching.  A place to renew - leave feeling energized and yet quieted from the gift of challenging work at your level, and meaningful meditation.

Root Flow

​Wednesday 8:30 am

​Primarily longer held poses, many breaths per pose, gentle stretching, and stillness to assist in spacious reflection and contemplative meditation.  A place to recharge - leave feeling tended to, and yet revitalized from the gift of engagement.